Company Profile

Risima is a wholly owned subsidiary of Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA). LEDA is established in terms of Section 3D of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and the Limpopo Development Corporation Act (LDCA); and was specifically established for the purpose of giving effect to Section 3(1) of the LDCA, which requires that LEDA, in consultation with the Executive Council and amongst other objects, “encourage, plan, finance, coordinate, promote and carry out, either directly or indirectly, the development of the province and its people, in fields including the areas of housing, economic development and community development”.

The company offers affordable housing finance to both urban and rural areas within Limpopo. It is primarily directed to those clients who would not ordinarily have access to home loan finance from the mainstream institutions, because of the perceived high risks which is associated with these areas of the market. Risima’s activities in these areas have an added benefit of creating employment in the province, which is an instrument for the development of sustainable human settlement, in support of spatial restructuring.

Leader in the provision of affordable, sustainable housing finance and tenure opportunities.

To contribute to sustainable human settlements and socio-economic development in Limpopo, through:

  • Providing access to housing finance.
  • Facilitating targeted residential property development; and
  • Creating personal asset tenure and improving the quality of life.