Risima Housing Finance and COGHSTA has entered into a partnership whereby Risima has been appointed as an Implementing Agent for the Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Program (FLISP). This product is aimed at people earning between R3500 and R15 000 (i.e. those that earn too much to qualify for a subsidy house and too little to qualify for a bond (GAP market).

The partnership between Risima and COGHSTA in relation to FLISP is aimed at promoting home ownership for low income earners residing in Limpopo and which it is envisaged will, within a reasonable timeframe and with specific deliverables to be agreed upon between the collaborating Parties:

incorporate available Provincial Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Program currently administered by the National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC); and

provide for the enrolment of beneficiaries to enable improved profiling with the objective of identifying housing and home finance needs and barriers to access, and to facilitate the following services:

Education and advice for beneficiaries with respect to housing, home ownership and home finance using FLISP: To view how much subsidy you qualify for; please click the link. FLISP Annexure A